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Reputational Risk Management: How data and analytics can help protect and enhance your reputation

Aangeboden door: LexisNexis.

Deze activiteit vond plaats op: donderdag 29 oktober 2020 van: 13:30 tot: 14:30.

In a world where reputation is one of your most valuable assets, effective risk management allows organizations to prepare for the unexpected by minimizing risks and preventing potential reputation damage. Knowing where to look to integrate the right data into your risk mitigation applications is the start-point for any organisation intent on making better decisions to manage reputational risks. In this presentation we will explore: • Why reputational risk management matters right now? • The role of data – what are the relevant data sets, and where to find them • The value of data enrichment and analytics to accelerate the time to insight • Where next on your data journey to better manage reputational risks • Top ten tips & recommendations to help protect and enhance your reputation

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