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How Randstad is becoming data-driven faster with a smart analytics accelerator

Aangeboden door: Fourcast.

Deze activiteit vond plaats op: maandag 26 oktober 2020 van: 13:30 tot: 14:30.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can set up your data warehouse modernisation project and get to valuable insights out of your data up to 3x faster than with a classic approach. You’ll hear from our customer Randstad how they worked on their data analytics strategy & how they built their robust, modernised data warehouse on Google Cloud, using a smart analytics accelerator. And together with our expert you’ll take a deep dive into the smart analytics accelerator framework that makes this all possible. In this webinar, you’ll learn: ● How other enterprises, like Randstad, are getting insights out of their data faster with a modernised data warehouse in Google Cloud & an accelerator framework called Flycs ● Best practices around data warehousing ● How a data analytics accelerator can modernise & speed up your modernised data warehouse project up to 3x; automating orchestration, data governance, replication & consistency, dataops & more

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