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Solving the largest problems for big data on cloud storage today

Aangeboden door: Softnas en Fuusion van Buurst for Azure and AWS.

Deze activiteit vond plaats op: dinsdag 27 oktober 2020 van: 15:00 tot: 16:00.

Companies and governments all wish they were further along in their migration to the cloud. This session will examine four areas preventing big data from migration to the cloud. High-performance applications cannot migrate to the cloud due to slow cloud storage performance. Cloud storage is highly resilient; however, cloud storage is not highly available. Migrating massive amounts of data to the cloud is costly when managed storage is ~$.30/GB. Transferring and transforming edge data to be AI/ML compatible can be time-consuming and requires a solution rather than manual intervention from data scientists. This session will provide answers to these four key areas that prevent or slow down cloud adoption of big data.