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AI commissioning: how to move from a successful pilot to a full-scale deployment

Aangeboden door: Mechanica AI.

Deze activiteit vond plaats op: vrijdag 30 oktober 2020 van: 11:30 tot: 12:30.

After finishing their first AI pilots and proving the value AI can bring, many industrial companies have realised that the hardest part is still ahead. Integrating AI into regular operations on the production floor brings completely new challenges, and the industry doesn’t have much experience in tackling them.

Having deployed a number of AI-based services and supported them in the first months and years, we have gathered experience on how plants and factories deal with AI models in production. In his talk, Alexander Khaytin, CEO and Co-founder of Mechanica AI, will discuss:

- Living with AI. How to make sure your AI solution works correctly in dynamic environment, with constant changes in technology, raw materials, equipment

- Unexpected challenges. Last-minute issues you cannot predict and how to handle them

- Does it become better or worse? Over time, AI models tend to become less accurate and need to be retrained regularly. How to provide for ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of your AI solution.

Speaker: Alexander Khaytin, CEO and Co-founder of Mechanica AI

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